Saturday, September 05, 2009

Keeping Busy, Experiencing Blessings, and Prayers of Thanksgiving

It's been a while since I've had the time to really sit down and share what's been going on in my life, so I thought tonight might be a good time to do so.

I've been seeing this bag in my head for over a year now. And this week I finally got around to making my 'dream' come true. I really like the way it turned out. I'm sorry the picture isn't that good. I wanted to use different medias in order to create this "altered art" bag. This is the front of the bag.

This is the inside of the bag. I wanted to use a light color for the lining. I have a hard time seeing sometimes in a dark lined bag.

This is the back of the bag. since I used a batting, I went over each section with decorative sewing stitches. I LOVE my mom's sewing machine :) Next I'm going to make a large tote bag for my flight back to Washington in a few weeks.

Now for the blessings and thanksgivings...

Last month my Dad had knee surgery, during that time the doctors found out that he had bladder cancer. Within a few days my mom was told by her urologist that she would need to have a tube put in her back and would need to wear a bag on her back for the rest of her life. He told her that she had a blockage in the tube leading from her kidney into her bladder. My mom is one of my best friends and I told her to get a second opinion. To me what the doctor wanted to do didn't make sense. Instead of trying to find out why the tube was blocked, he wanted to do this procedure that would effect the rest of her life. So, she went to get a second opinion and that doctor (who also works in the same office) told her without looking at her records, that it seemed reasonable. So, I hopped on the first plane that I could get on and left Washington state and flew to Ohio. The day after I got here my mom and I both went to the dr to get more info on this procedure her urologist wanted to do. When the dr came into the room he looked at my mom and said "what are you doing here?" My mom said "we are here to get some of our questions answered about this procedure that we're going to have done." The dr said, with a big grin on his face "We're not going to do the procedure." my mom said "We aren't?" and he said "you didn't trust me and you went to get a second opinion. I am no longer your dr." I was shocked and furious!!!! "I said, you mean to tell me that you've been treating her for over 12 years and now because she went to get a second opinion, you won't treat her?" and he said "that's right" and then he said "If I were you I'd get yourself a new dr right away because you don't have much time!!!!" My mom asked "how much time do I have" and he said "I'm no longer your dr so I won't discuss it!!!!!!" I was so MAD!!!!!!! But God was once again in total control!!! This incident happened on Fri. by Mon. afternoon BOTH of my parents had appointments at Cleveland Clinic, one of the top 4 hospitals of the US!!! So, that Wed. my mom had her first appointment with a new urologist and my dad saw the top dr who deals with bladder cancer on Thur. Since they live 4 hours drive from Cleveland, we spent most of that week in the Guesthouse. While we were there EVERYONE from the people who drove the shuttles, to the nurses and drs were so very nice. We couldn't believe that EVERYONE actually seemed to like their jobs and that they tried to make life there better. My dad had surgery on Fri of that week. After 3 turmors were removed he was given chemo directly into his bladder and is doing fine. We thank God for that healing and for his drs and nurses who took care of him. My mom's dr said that from the CD of the ultrasound and the records that we brought that he did NOT believe my mom had a blockage and as a matter of fact, he felt sure she had a reflux problem in her bladder that has over the past 12 years has damaged her only working kidney and if the previous dr had treated that she would have more kidney function that what she now has. He sent her home after some tests and had made an appointment for her to return in 2 weeks. We had only been home for a few days and my mom's dr called and said we needed to get to Cleveland as soon as possible because my mom had an infection that only iv antibiotics would kill. So, again we through clothes in a bag, put my dad in the car, took the dog to the doggie hotel and we were off again to Cleveland. As soon as we got there and got my dad comfortable in the Guesthouse then my mom was admitted to the hospital and ivs started. During her stay, the dr did another procedure to check on that possible 'blockage' that her original dr was sure was there. THANK GOD!!! he was wrong!!!! There was NO blockage!!!! If she would have 'just trusted him', she would have had to wear that tube in her back for ever. Instead the new dr found she does have a reflux problem in her bladder and came up with a plan that is so much easier for her to live with. She still has to go to Cleveland for follow ups. But we ALL learned a lesson on our own HEALTH CARE.... GET A SECOND OPINION!!!!! Thank you all for your prayers and thoughts, we all appriecate all the kindnesses you've shown.

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