Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I'mmmmmmmmmm BAAAACK!!!

A LOT has been happening here...

My youngest son, Chris, who is in the Navy (going to be a Chef!) is finishing up 'A' school and will be going off to Japan before Christmas.

My mother has come through a kidney crisis that almost took her life.

My dad went back to the Cleveland Clinic for a checkup to make sure his bladder cancer has not grown back. And Thank YOU, God!!! No cancer seen!!!

And I've been from Ohio to Washington to New Jersey to Ohio in less than a month. Shortly after I got back from Ohio less than a month ago, my mom's only functioning kidney began to shut down. As I prayed to God about what I should do, He assured me to stay in Washington and that He would take care of my mom. So, Rick and I, having 2 weeks off of vacation, were able to spend some quality time together and on his last day of vacation I flew back to Ohio.

We are thanking God that He not only took good care of her, but has brought another wonderful, skillful, local dr into her life.

Rick and I both decided I needed to stay here until I'm no longer needed. :) One of the nice things about staying with my parents is that I get to see my son and his family! Weston, Joseph, Andrew, and Mylie.

Now that I finally figured out what went wrong on my blog, I've got a TON of pictures to post... all my 'crafty' eclectic things I've been working on... and say, if you'd like to take another peek into my daily life you can seem day by day what I'm doing on 'plurk'. Just look to the right --->

I'm so glad I'm back!!! :)
Blessings to you all!

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