Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Big Surprise

I know it's been a while since I've done any journaling, so I thought this experience that I'm going through might be something I could write about that might be helpful to someone else. So, here goes my latest adventure in life...
  • about 6 months ago I would be awakened from a deep sleep with severe leg pains in my right calf. These pains were NOT cramps (I use to be a swimmer, so I know what those feel like), this was a deep, sharp pain.
  • I had not had any real complaints over the past year. So, in March it was time for me to go back to my Dr to get all of my prescriptions refilled. I was suppose to have a follow up appointment with her, but didn't get around to it until the beginning of this month. At that appointment all was good. My blood pressure was better than it ever was and I was feeling pretty good except I was tired all the time, I started to see these 'white spots or balloons' going up and down my left and right perifial vision field. I also felt like the arthritis in my right knee was flaring up. The Dr. reviewed my test and found that my thyroid was barely functioning. She increased my synthroid from 75 to 100. She also said I needed to see an eye Dr. 
  • So, I went to the eye Dr. last week. After a thorough exam, the Dr. said I did NOT have a torn retina, but I am having Ocular Migraines. That's why I see the 'white spots'.
  • About 10 days ago, I was standing when I felt a sharp pain behind my right knee. Pain rain down my right calf and I had to make an appointment with an urgent care Dr. at the clinic where I go. I wasn't even able to walk into the clinic. Rick had to get a wheel chair for me. When I saw the Dr., he was sure that I had a Baker's Cyst that had ruptured behind my knee. He wanted to make sure I didn't have a blood clot in my calf, so he took a blood test and ordered a series of x-rays.
  • The next day he called and told me that the x-rays showed that I have moderate arthritis, liquid on my knee, and calcium deposits as well. He recommended that I go to an Orthopedic Dr.
  • The next day after that he called again saying that something was very wrong with my kidney function. So, he reordered my meds.... cutting some out and adding some. And he wanted me to see my Dr. as soon as possible.
  • This brings me up to today. I went to see my Dr. and the first thing she did was show me my blood tests from March and 10 days ago. In March, my Creatine level (which determines your kidney function) was 1.0 (which is great!!! 1.0 - 1.7 is normal) Then she showed me that the blood test 10 days ago showed 2.8, which is way NOT right in only 4 months. She was sure that some how my blood test got mixed up with someone else's. So, she ordered a new blood test. She also was very concerned that my blood pressure was so faint/low. And that my pulse was 41. She said I need to get that up to mid-50's/60s.
  • I was only home about 30 minutes when the Dr. called and said... I just got done talking to a Nephrologist and we are really concerned because the blood test today was up to 3.0 and there was blood in the urine. I couldn't believe her urgency and concern. She kept saying... "this is not right". So, now the plan is to get another blood test on Tues., then I have another appointment with her on Thur. On that day I will be getting an ultra-sound of my kidneys and if the blood test shows an elevated Creatine level, then I will immediately go to the nephrologist. Both she and the Dr she talked to seem to think I might have RHABDOMYOLYSIS. She explained that this happens as a result of muscle cells breaking down and lodging in the kidneys causing damage. 
  • So, what a big surprise... I would never ever had thought that all of this would be happening to me. I'll keep you all posted.

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