Friday, February 11, 2011

Learning to Save

Just like every where else, prices in Hawaii have gone up. Many of the things that where expensive when I moved here in '82 are now the same as on the mainland (such as milk & meat prices). Gas and rent are more than mainland averages. The ironic thing is that our gas prices here on Oahu are within cents of gas in Bellingham, WA where we use to live. Another BIG difference between living in WA state and being here is that where sales tax is high, there is no state income tax. Here in HI sales tax is about normal, and they also have state income tax. So the increase in Rick's salary has been eaten up with taxes. With all this being said, we are learning how to save in Paradise. I've created a special blog where I will be sharing how we are saving. And if we can save here, I'm sure you can save where you live. So be sure to check out SAVING $$$ IN PARADISE!

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